Green School 2020 – 2021
We start this current school year by announcing that Scoil Úna Naofa now has 3 Green Flags! Congratulations to all our Green committees over the last 2 years, and especially our Water Officers who worked on the Water Project. At the end of March 2020, we submitted our project, and were highly commended and successful. We have received our flag, and will have a ceremony when we can safely do so.

Our 4th theme is ‘Transport’.
This is a very important theme, and hopefully we will be able to come up with some projects that will be of interest to our pupils.
In October, teachers did a survey of how pupils got to school: Walking, Car, Bus, Bike/Scooter etc. We found out that the majority of our pupils came by car.
We have also applied to Dublin City Council to become a ‘School Zone’ and this application has been successful. This means that Armagh Road will get extra road markings and footpath barriers to make the area safer for our pupils to get to school. Hopefully this will happen in Spring 2021, and will give us incentive to work on our Travel Project.

Green School Term 2019-2020

Our Classroom Recycling Committees are up and running since early September. It’s great to see paper & card being carefully recycled each day. Thanks to the Green Squad in Mr Malone’s class for taking charge of the big green bins on the corridors.  Now that the days are getting cooler & darker, we will look at getting our Energy Officers active again to shut doors and switch off lights and projectors when we leave the classrooms & corridors.

Our Water Committee have met and have discussed ways to save water in the school and in their homes. Some of the committee have noticed that taps are left running and make it their business to turn them off. Their main focus is ensure all pupils in their class will help to save water.

Ken has spoken to the committee, and told them the about the journey water takes in our school. Once again, he has taken all of us to see the water meter.

Term 2 2019-2020

We are really focusing on taking the final steps to achieve The Water Flag. A few senior committee members read the meter with Ken, and compared the results with last year. Our water usage has reduced by 1000 litres per week approximately.

One of the main activities has been the poster competition. Every pupil in the school has designed a poster:- ‘Take Climate Action for Water’ and the teachers are going to choose one poster to enter into the next stage of the competition. We have 2 Water display areas in the school – one at the Junior Entrance which is managed by Ms McCormack and Junior pupils and the other near Room 20. Pupils have been contributing to this, and we are seeing interesting items there.

Our Green School Story.

Scoil Úna Naofa has 2 Green Flags.  Our 1st is for ‘Recycling’ and our 2nd is for ‘Energy’.  We are currently applying for a ‘Water’ flag, and this will be our 3rd Green Flag.

We have formed a committee which meets regularly, and are busy working on the theme of ‘Water’.

On Friday March 22nd 2019, we celebrated ‘World Water Day’. The whole school took part in water based activities, such as learning about the Water Cycle, Global issues about water, poetry, art, maths agus gaeilge.  Well done to everyone involved!

Our Green Committee chose a green slogan for the school: – “Be a Hero   Save Water”.  

The slogan is on display in every classroom and around the school. The Green School notice board is outside the small hall, and will provide up-dates of what’s happening.

Be a Hero Water Slogan

News from The Gardening Team – We are composting!

The New Gardening Team was formed in April 2019, to help Claire in the garden. As part of the project, compost bins have been put into 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Classes. Raw fruit and vegetables only will be put into the bins, and each day the Gardening Team will empty the classroom bins into the compost bin in the garden. A layer of paper will also be added, and we should see the compost forming over the coming weeks and months.