Friday, 24th April, 2020.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to all after Easter “Break.” I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and well and you are making the most of the good weather as much as possible. Below is a piece that has been circulating online recently which, if you haven’t seen already, is a simple reminder to parents of what is important to remember during these difficult times.

Dear Parents,

Don’t stress about school work. In September, I will get your children back on track. I am a teacher and that’s my superpower. What I can’t fix is a social-emotional trauma that prevents the brain from learning. So right now, I just need you to share your calm, share your strength, and share your laughter with your children. No kids are ahead, no kids are behind. Your children are exactly where they need to be.

With love,

All the teachers on Planet Earth.

Staff News

As mentioned in my previous email, we have welcomed back three of our staff members from maternity leave now (Ms Forde, Ms Coyle and Ms Denmead). Ms Coyle is based in early start with Amanda, Ms. Forde is based in support teaching and Ms Denmead is back working with
Ms Kehoe’s 2nd class group. Mairéad will return in early June.

It’s been lovely to see our pupils engage with Rachel’s home baking tutorials so far, (our Home/school/Liaison Teacher). As all the staff and a lot of parents know already – Rachel loves her baking! Thanks to all who have sent in photos of the children baking the rocky roads and displaying the final products too. Any pupil images we have permission to post onto the website we will display this week, it was great to see them looking so well and happy!

School Policies

All schools’ have been requested to update/redraft their school admissions policy for the 2020/2021 school year. We are working on this now and will forward it via email to parents to review soon.

Contact us

Please remember, if you need to contact us for any reason, just email us at or leave a message on 085-2105629 and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Returning to School Update

If I receive any news on dates for returning to school I will let you know. Thanks for continuing to engage with the teachers from home, it is a lot of extra work for parents, I know, so please don’t worry if you don’t get work done, you are not obliged to do it, the work is emailed as a support for you, only. The teachers will try to support you in a way that works best for you and your household from now until we return to school.

I will be in touch again next week, have a good weekend, take care,

Adrienne Ní Cheallaigh,


Update – 24th April 2020.