Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope everyone is doing okay and had a good bank holiday weekend! I delayed sending last week’s email, as I was waiting to hear what the Taoiseach had to say at his live address to the nation on Friday. So, as we expected was most likely to happen, schools will not be back until September now.

For parents, this means approximately 9 more weeks of home schooling before the official summer holidays begin. Although the teachers are trying to find new and innovative ways of supporting their pupils online, we are very much aware that parents have the most work to do in keeping the children on task and engaged. So, in this email, I would like to pay tribute to all the parents/guardians and sisters and brothers who are helping the children with their learning during this time.

School News

SNAs – none of our SNAs have been redeployed as of yet. Some families will have heard from them on the phone over the last few weeks, they are missing the children they work with and are just checking in to say hello or help with work set by teachers etc.

Standardised Testing

Standardised Testing would normally be done at school during the month of May. This has been cancelled for all schools but we will arrange testing in Term 1 when we return to school. Only the current 6th class children will be affected by this time change but we will liaise with their ongoing secondary schools to see if we can arrange something for them.

School Reports

Teachers are working on school reports for the children and we will issue them in the normal way a week before the end of school term.

Return to school dates

We have received no update from the Department of Education with regard to a return to school date in September. As soon as we do, we will let you know.

Date for First Holy Communion

No new date has been given for our school. The Parish will be in touch in September and let us know as soon as possible after that.

As we are getting closer to a phased exit plan from this lockdown, I hope everyone continues to stay safe and well. I will be in touch again next week, lot of love to the children, I am attaching a clip from Tom Roberts – a poem he wrote about the situation we are in. Although it’s 4 minutes long, I think it’s a lovely, uplifting piece


Take care everyone,

Adrienne Ní Cheallaigh


Update 05/05/2020