Barnados – Resources for Parents

Barnardos continues to support children and their families, and they want to provide you and your children with the opportunity to check in with your Heart, Body and Mind regularly.

Woodland Trust – Trees, Birds & Animals

This website has information about trees, birds and animals. While you're out enjoying the lovely weather, have a look at the leaves on the trees, the birds and other wildlife. This website will help you with names and has lots of images & interactive quizzes.

The Museum of Childhood

This is a platform for children to express their hopes and fears around Covid19, through art and writing. Each week, a virtual exhibition is published, children can send in a piece or just look at the work of others.

‘Breathe’ Resource to support Children’s Wellbeing

This is a from the PDST - 'Breathe - Self-Regulation and Relaxation Techniques for Children' features a range of calming breathing techniques, written activities and guided visualisations that children can use to bring about a sense of peace and comfort in any situation. The resource is suitable for children of all ages and class levels.

Art Hub for Kids

Art Hub for Kids gives a step by step guide to drawing - some great examples on display around the school.

Junior Achievement Resources

Junior Achievement Ireland have worked with classes in our school, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers and continues through to secondary school, right up to age 18, preparing students for their future careers. The JA programmes are taught by business volunteers recruited from supporting organisations. There are some good ideas for working on at home in the resource section of their website.

World Book Online

Everyone has free access to World Book Online through Scoilnet. Suitable for pupils of ALL ages. We think you'll learn lots of interesting things and you'll get a lot of ideas for projects.

Latest Updates

3rd Class Work

Ms. Coady, Ms. Devaney, Mr. Collins

  • Mental Maths- One a day
  • Reading Zone- Four comprehensions to be completed over the two weeks. Read comprehension and answer all sections in copy. Do not complete all in the same day.


The Dreamer pg 84

The Frightened Scarecrow pg 88

Animals Growing and Changing pg 92

The Scarlet Rose pg 96

  • Booklets contain a variety of worksheets. Children can pick and choose which pages to complete. Do not panic about getting all the pages finished. Children should work to the best of their ability.
  • Useful websites for revision of multiplication and division tables;

  • Twinkl is an excellent online resource containing unlimited resources. They are offering free membership for all pupils and parents for the next month. Go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS