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Sport’s Days 2022

We had 2 wonderful Sport’s Days this week.  On Monday, Junior & senior Infants and 1st & 2nd Classes went to Pearse Park to Crumlin United Club grounds. We received a very warm welcome there and couldn’t believe the sunny weather. The children got to enjoy the high slide, Football shoot out, Silent disco, parachute and many other great activities. On Tuesday, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Classes had a very active Sport’s Day. Again, the Silent Disco proved to be very popular, as well as Rounders, Tug of War, Bungee Basketball, Penalty Shootout, Novelty Races and Cic agus Puc Fada. Many parents and families came to enjoy the activities.



Wellness Week & Easter

Wellness Week starts on Monday 4th April.

The week has been set out by our Wellness Committee under the following headings;

Mindful Monday                                              Thankful Thursday

Thoughtful Tuesday                                        Fun Friday

Wellness Wednesday

Throughout each day of the week, activities for wellbeing are being scheduled into the school day. Yoga and Meditation on Monday, Thoughtful and Kind acts and teacher led lessons re same for Tuesday and similar for Thursday. The week will end with a Disco for all on Friday.

Both 6th Classes will be going into town on Wednesday, 6th April to visit the National History Museum.

Fundraiser for Pieta House – WOW – Walk On Wednesday.

All other classes from Junior Infants to 5th Class will be taking part in a walk to Pearse Park as part of our fundraiser for Pieta House. The children will be timetabled to go down in their year groups at different times throughout the day.

Children will all receive an ice cream cone from 12.30 onwards on this day after their walk/s to the park.

Some pupils from 3rd to 6th class will be participating in the Inter-schools cross country run on Thursday at 11am in Robert Emmet’s GAA grounds in Perrystown. We wish them the best of luck.

Thanks to the boys and girls and the teachers on the Welllness Committee who have worked hard to plan this week for everyone.

School closes on Friday 8th for the Easter holidays, and reopens on April 25th.


Junior Infants go to the village to post letters

During the week before the Christmas Holidays, all the Junior Infants walked up to Crumlin Village to post  a letter to Santy. They drew pictures and sent warm greetings to Santy to wish him well. They are all looking forward to Christmas.

Afterwards, they visited the beautiful crib in the church.

During their visit to the village, they were greeted by many shoppers and shop keepers and in turn wished everyone a ‘Happy Christmas’.

See some of the lovely photos in the gallery.


Paw Patrol visits the school

On Thursday, June 13th, the junior classes had a surprise visitor to the school. It was ‘Chase’ from Paw Patrol. Chase is a German shepherd who serves as a police and spy dog in Paw Patrol. He is the most mature of the dogs, and will always announce “PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!” when the PAW Patrol is called on a mission. Our pupils in Infants, first and second were delighted to get a visit from Chase.

See the photos below:


Clara Lara and Carlingford School Trip Update

Ms Coady, Ms Thakarar & Mr Shanahan’s 3rd & 4th classes went to Claralara in Co Wicklow on Wednesday 12th of June. Ms Duignan & Ms Forde’s 5th & 6th Classes went to Carlingford, Co Louth on Monday 10th of June.
All the classes had an enjoyable time – despite the weather being a little cool and damp. The teachers were very proud of how all the pupils in Scoil Úna Naofa behaved on their school trips.

Hugh Lane Gallery Workshop

On Friday, 17th May and Tuesday, 21st May, respectively, Mr Malone’s 6th class boys and Ms Forde’s 6th class girls, visited the Hugh Lane Gallery in town to take part in a city wide scheme called Zoom@the HughLaneGallery. The aim of the scheme is to encourage the creative potential of children through looking at artwork in the Gallery’s collection and the making of art during an artist-led workshop arising from what the children will have seen and discussed. Initially the project is being aimed at twenty-six primary schools in the Dublin city area. A representative from the gallery will visit the school and give a presentation to the class ahead of this visit.

School Tours Dates

Early Start– 14th May – Lullymore Farm

1st Classes – 18th June – Fort Lucan

2nd Classes –18th June – Fort Lucan

Junior Infants – 19th June – Glenroe Pet Farm

Senior Infants – 19th June – Glenroe Pet Farm

Ms Johnson’s 3rd class – 11th June – Let’s Go Tours

Ms Coady’s 3rd class – 12th June – Clara Lara

4th Classes – 12th June – Clara Lara

5th /6th Class Girls – 12th June – Carlingford Centre

5th /6th Class Boys – 21st June – Alive Outside at Kilruddery House.

Gardening Team News

News from The Gardening Team

The New Gardening Team was formed in April 2019, to help Claire in the garden.  As part of the project, compost bins have been put into 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Classes. Raw fruit and vegetables only will be put into the bins, and each day the Gardening Team will empty the classroom bins into the compost bin in the garden. A layer of paper will also be added, and we should see the compost forming over the coming weeks and months.

Senior Infants News – Ms. Nulty

Ms. Nulty’s class have been busy with an inquiry-based learning project. The children spent two weeks investigating and finding out the different things that mini-beasts need to grow and stay healthy. The children explored investigative equipment then used this equipment to observe bugs and insects in both the school garden and Stanaway Park. The children found out that our school garden is full of lady birds which must be kept safe. They then decided to make bug-hotels for the ladybirds and different mini-beasts in the school garden that may be in danger of getting stood on, thrown and killed. At the end of the project, the children made posters in groups to inform other classes how we can keep the ladybirds in our school garden safe. As this project was inquiry-based, the children found out all of the information all by themselves, without the help of Ms. Nulty. All the children had great fun!
Mini-Beasts Gallery