January 2021

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well at home.
All our teachers have been in touch with their classes by email and have also started using the education platform ‘Seesaw’. Luckily, many classes were trying out Seesaw during Term 1, so everyone was getting familiar with it. Please let your teacher know if you need any extra help with your homework and tasks. We are here to help you in any way we can.

More Fun Run and Science Week Activities

We had a huge variety of Science Experiments and Halloween Costumes throughout the school, which brought a great amount of excitement and fun.

Our pupils love science projects.


Junior Achievement Volunteers

Junior Achievement Business volunteers will visit the school on Friday 17th May for a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering and Maths) workshop and goal orientated lessons. This involves working with our two 5th classes using P.E. and Maths as a blended lesson to enable children to see that Maths is all around us in everyday life.

Junior Achievement volunteers will continue to visit 5th class pupils for a period of five more weeks as part of this initiative.

Science Week

Our 3rd and 5th classes visited Engineer’s Ireland Headquarters in Ballsbridge during Science Week to see a show “Mr Megaphone’s Irish Jaunt,” performed by University Professors showcasing Ireland’s rich history of scientific discovery and engineering

They travelled to and from the show on the 18 bus so thanks to Ms. Coady, Ms. Kennelly, Linda and Mandy for surviving the journey with over 65 children!! Classes from 4th to 6th were invited to Rosary College to visit their Science lab and experience some hands on Science experiments