The Music Project at St. Agnes’ Primary began in 2006 when Sr. Bernadette Sweeney, (former School Principal at St. Agnes’ Primary) and Dr. Joanna Crooks (former Director of the National Youth Orchestra) came upon the idea of making it possible for the children of St. Agnes’ and Scoil Colm Primary Schools to gain access to the world of classical music via the violin.

To this end, they found funding to purchase 30 violins and so began the origins, of what is now known as, the St. Agnes’ & Scoil Colm School Orchestra. The project began with each class being given a weekly violin lesson based on the Suzuki method of violin teaching which was initially taken on by Joanna herself and volunteer music teachers. Ten years later, the project has grown and as well as each child in the school receiving violin/viola lessons on a weekly basis, a whole school orchestra; a junior orchestra and a community orchestra have all been founded under the guidance of Joanna and her team of volunteers. St. Agnes’ Primary are very grateful to Joanna for all her hard work and for her pioneering work in ensuring that every child in our school is given access to the wonderful world of classical music. For further information on the music project please follow the link to their website below.