We have applied for an Active School Flag. This is a national award which aims to have our young people active every day. Every class from Early Start to 6th Class is taking part in this initiative. The ‘Active School Committee’ which including some teachers, Mr Shanahan, Ms Waldron and Mr Malone, and some of our senior pupils, are coming up with great ideas to get moving.

Read the Activity Log and enjoy the photos.


The school started the ‘Run Around Europe’ running initiative, with the whole school getting involved. The children reached London by Tuesday, before running to Paris and finishing up in Riga. It was a great effort by all the children in the school and they really enjoyed it.

The third class children also challenged the teachers in a cricket game, with the children winning!!


The school’s first student Active Flag Committee was organised, with students from 5th and 6th class helping the teachers – Ms. Nulty, Ms. Waldron,  Mr. Malone and Mr. Shanahan. The Active Flag committee are now the ‘Playground Leaders’ and ensure equipment is brought out to yard each day.

The school started using Go Noodle and each of the classes practiced a dance called ‘Bones’ which was integrated with Hallowe’en. The school participated in a local Athletics Event in Tymon Park, with classes from 3rd to 6th getting involved. Four medals were won, between the classes which was a great achievement.

The whole school also had our annual ‘Fun Run’, where classes dressed up in their costumes (even the teachers) and walked around Crumlin village before returning to the school. Each class then jogged a lap around the school yard infront of the parents, who were invited in.


An exercise bike was introduced to the senior classes for the month of November. Each class had a day where the exercise bike was used in their class and each child was allowed 5 minutes on the bike. The bike was passed onto the next class at the beginning of each morning.


With the school acquiring their first defibulator, 14 members of the staff were provided  with training in first aid and then shown how to correctly use the defibulator. Teachers found this an invaluable experience.

The 6th class students conducted a whole school ‘What Club Are You In?’ survey to find out about physical activity opportunities that are available in the local community.


‘Do Your Walking While You’re Talking’ was also encouraged throughout the school, with particular focus on the senior yard. Teachers felt this was an excellent initiative and one that will be integrated into yard time every day.



The whole school got involved in the Operation Transformation ’10 @ 10′ initiative. Classes put on the video each day at 10 o’ clock and the whole class, teachers included, got involved. The children loved the fact that their was a new video each day with different exercises.



’10 @ 10′ was continued for the month of March. With the whole school engaging in ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’, teachers played ’10 @10′ through Gaeilge. It provided the school with an excellent opportunity to integrate exercise and Gaeilge and the children learned new phrases.

Children also participated in a ‘Céile’ and ‘Clúichí sa Chlós’. Teachers also taught Physical Education through Gaeilge.

All classes in the school participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. Ms. O’ Donovan’s senior Infants were the winners, collecting 32 eggs in 2 minutes. Every class thoroughly enjoyed the event and active rewards were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Ms. Caulfields class enjoyed active afternoon, drawing their bodies on the yard.​