We are looking forward to meeting all our pupils soon. Scoil Úna Naofa re-opens for pupils on Monday, August 31st. School Staff and the Board of Management are working hard to ensure that this is done in a safe manner, and we will be contacting our families with up to date information. Here are our School Calendar for 2020-2021, Our Policy Statement and the Government Plan for re-opening schools.


Parent Zone – Drop off and Collection Times

  • For parents that may still be unsure of where to go at drop off and collection times tomorrow. You may enter into the bottom part of the school yard but must remain behind the red lined area. This is the parents’ drop off and collection zone. Only children should
    walk up and stand on their lines (which are marked out with coloured dots for each class level).
  • Please arrive to school at the correct time for your child’s class. Any parent/guardian entering into the school yard must wear a mask or face shield.
  • Enter through the pedestrian gate on the left-hand side and exit through the pedestrian gate on the right-hand side. Staff members will be stationed at these gates to guide you, (both at drop off and collection times).
  • At the end of the school day, the children will be returned to their lines by teachers and support staff and can walk back to their parents, as they see you arrive to collect them, waiting behind the red line area once again.
  • For children who may be especially anxious tomorrow, let them know that you will be waiting for them in the Parent Zone just behind their own lines.


Information for parents to give to the children

  • Please chat to your children about starting back at school on Monday and make sure that they know the teachers and SNAs have missed them and are really looking forward to seeing them.
  • Explain that all staff will be wearing masks or face shields (visors).
  • All staff will be on the front yard to greet the children.
  • Some staff will be on duty at the front gates of the school to help parents and children to find the correct line.
  • The local community Garda and the Lollipop Man will be on duty outside the school.
  • Sharing Personal Belongings – please let children know that for this school year, they can no longer share their belongings with their classmates, and that teachers will explain this further to them when they get to school.
  • Speak to children about health & safety and the importance of washing their hands and using hand sanitiser frequently. Explain that you will not be able to stay with them on the yard and that the teachers will bring them in to the class quickly.
  • Social Distancing signage is in place around the school building and 1 metre and 2 metre signs/markers have been installed on corridors and in classrooms for children to use as a visual guide.


Cleaning Regimen/Hand Sanitisation

  • School staff will be on duty inside the doors of the school each day with a spray sanitiser which they will dispense to children before entering the classrooms. Hand sanitising stations are positioned outside and inside each classroom. Paper towels are now being used for drying of hands and all school bins are now pedal bins.
  • Pupils may bring their own hygiene kits to school each day which may include a hand towel/face cloth and a small hand sanitising spray if they wish. This can be stored in their school bag.
  • The school will be cleaned by the school cleaners daily and as an extra precaution, a fogging machine disinfectant spray will also be used when the building is empty midweek and again before the children return to school after the weekend.



  • Class Bubbles mean children will work and play only with pupils from their own class level. Each class level will have a zone on the yard. The bubbles will also include the class teacher, the support teacher and the classroom assistant within the relevant class group.
  • A further reminder that a bubble is one class group and a pod is a smaller group of children who will be sitting in one area of the classroom at a minimum of 1 metre distance from the other pods. The teacher’s desk will be within a 2 metre distance from the children and teachers will be wearing visors.
  • A Pod System means that pupils will be sitting in groups within their classroom, and they will work with, and in some cases, share resources with, only these children. Children will not be switching seats during the term.
  • Pods within classroom settings will maintain a minimum of a 1 metre distance.
  • All staff working within their designated bubble will maintain a 1 to 2 metre distance from each other within the classroom setting. They will also be supplied with face shields/visors and a hygiene basket on their desk consisting of cleaning equipment and extra sanitisers.



  • Junior Infants to 1st Class pupils do not need to bring any stationery/books/pencils or copies
    to school – these are supplied and will be available from teachers.
  • 2nd Class to 4th Class pupils must bring a pencil case with pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, markers/coloured pencils to school which will become their stay at school pencil case. They must also bring 2 x school copies and teachers will explain what is required thereafter.
  • 5th and 6th Class pupils must bring a pencil case with pencils/pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, markers/coloured pencils to school which will become their stay at school pencil case. They must also bring in 4 x school copies and teachers will explain what is required thereafter.


Book Money

  • Book Money can be paid throughout the term and we will update as soon as the online payment system is ready (we are still waiting for the bank to approve).


School Lunches

  • School Lunches will continue to be provided for all children by the school supplier, Glanmore Foods. Ms Kavanagh will send new information re menus to parents in the coming weeks.
  • This term, water bottles will be included in the school lunch pack but children may also bring an extra water bottle with them. However, water bottles can no longer be filled from the filter taps at school.



  • To facilitate washing, school uniforms should be worn for three days of the week and school tracksuits for two days. This will be reviewed when teachers pick P.E. days for each class.


Covid Information


First day back at school – All classes


Early Years – First week


Junior Infants – First week