Books and Learning Materials have been sent home with senior children, to provide opportunities for children to revise topics covered in class or work on new materials with siblings and parents.


While the Children are at Home

Books and Learning Materials have been sent home with senior children, to provide opportunities for children to revise topics covered in class or work on new materials with siblings and parents.

General Suggestions for Activities to engage in with your child

  • Reading:- Books at home, school books, books on line.
  • Word puzzles, word searches and crosswords
  • Revision Projects on History, Geography & Science
  • Writing Activities: Daily Diary, Letters, Recipes, Instructions, Stories
  • Board Games: Monopoly, Scrabble, Who am I, Frustration, Snakes & Ladders, Chess
  • Art Activities: Drawing, colouring, painting, construction, lego
  • Be Active: Get out and about walking and cycling, keep up physical activities as much as you can
  • Maths activities involving Weight (Cooking & Baking), Length (Going for walks, height charts) Time (Day to day activities)
  • Revision of spellings (Look-Cover-Write-Check & use in sentences)
  • Counting and Tables Practice

Junior Infants
Counting from 1-10
Writing numbers 1, 2 and 3
Counting songs on YouTube:

Phonics: continue to revise first three sets of sounds
(s, a, t, i, p, n) (ck, e, h, r, m, d) (g, o, u, l, f, b)
Sing Jolly Phonics songs on YouTube
Jolly Phonics App.
Practise letter formation for the above sounds
Watch Alphablocks on YouTube

Fine Motor Skills:
Art (cutting, gluing, sticking)
Drawing and colouring with correct pencil grip (‘pinchy fingers’)
Beading, threading
Household jobs (hanging up washing, buttoning clothes, zipping coats etc)

 Senior Infants

Ms. O’ Donovan & Ms. Hogan recommend that the children continue to read over the coming weeks at home. Twinkl has a wide range of ebooks and resources on lots of topics that can be completed. We would also encourage the children to practise their letter  and number formation, writing their news, drawing and colouring, dictation. Websites such as Twinkl (1month free), Starfall, IXL maths are all free to use and have lots of fun activities. Videos on youtube such as Alphablocks, Numberblocks and Phonics with the Funnies are all favourites of the children.

First Class

Ms. Fagan & Mr. Quinn gave pupils the below school work to complete on a daily basis.
Spellings for each night that can be written into their copies as usual.
English exercises that can be completed on a daily basis.
Maths problems to complete daily under the given day.
Children can continue with their readers and we encourage them to continue reading any books available at home also. Children can also free write stories on a given topic.
The online resource provides an endless amount of work that your child can complete. Just search any topic and it will provide worksheets to complete.

Second Class

Ms Brennan, Ms Kehoe and Ms Connolly’s 2nd Classes
Mental Maths
Continue to do one test every day and the problem that goes with it.
Spelling Workbook – write out the list of words once a day and one puzzle to go with it (Complete all puzzles by Friday).
Reading – Continue to read PM Readers and Library books.
Daily Exercise for our Active School Programme
Jog on the spot for a count of 10
5 x jumping jacks

Ms Kehoe’s Class Spelling
Ms Kehoe’s class can also keep working on their spelling sheets and write out 4 words a day, 4 times, with a sentence to go with each.

3rd Class Work

Ms. Coady, Ms. Devaney, Mr. Collins

  • Mental Maths- One a day
  • Reading Zone- Four comprehensions to be completed over the two weeks. Read comprehension and answer all sections in copy. Do not complete all in the same day.


The Dreamer pg 84

The Frightened Scarecrow pg 88

Animals Growing and Changing pg 92

The Scarlet Rose pg 96

  • Booklets contain a variety of worksheets. Children can pick and choose which pages to complete. Do not panic about getting all the pages finished. Children should work to the best of their ability.
  • Useful websites for revision of multiplication and division tables;

  • Twinkl is an excellent online resource containing unlimited resources. They are offering free membership for all pupils and parents for the next month. Go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS

4th Class Work

Mr Kiely’s Class


Continue with Mental Maths – one page per day.


Continue with Reading Zone

One Reading Zone Story per week

One Activity on that story per day choosing from A – E (activities based on the story)


Continue with one page per day


Put Irish verb into a sentence

Active School Programme

Jog on the spot for a count of 10-15 every day

5 jumping jacks daily.

4th Class

Ms. McCarrick’s Class


Two stories – one per week with questions

(Irish Vocabulary given to pupils to explain)


Continue learning tables

Mental Maths- complete one page per day


Handwriting Book

Complete one page per day


Spelling worksheets given for three weeks work

Continue to put spellings in sentences each night

English Reading

From class novel – Mr. Stink

Continue reading as far as chapter 6

5th Class Work

Ms. McAneny’s Class


Mental Maths Week 18-24

Chapter 24 of Maths Book – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Pick 35 sums to do.


Write three sentences everyday on current topic.


Continue with your diary everyday.

One comprehension exercise from Away with Words daily.

Ms. Kennelly’s Class

Mental Maths Book
One Maths challenge per day
Revise and learn Tables
Work on Maths using Maths Drills website.

Reading – Read one story from Reading Zone per week and answer activity questions based on each story.
Revise tricky spellings and write sentences with them
(from tests at back of spelling copy).
One page of handwriting per day

Continue working in free writing copy, creating stories, daily diary entries, postcards, letters.

GaeilgeContinue working on Bua na Cainte Lámhleabhar

6th Class Work

Mr. Malone’s Class


Continue with the next two weeks of Mental Maths from workbook.


Continue with Reading Zone stories and comprehension, complete activity questions A-E.

Ms. Thakarar’s Class


Continue with current work on English sheets given out on Thursday.

Write-A-Book Project

Continue to write for this project and design a book cover for your book.


Continue with current work on Irish sheets given out on Thursday.


Mental Maths workbook to be signed by parent and dated each day.

Pupils in these classes brought home some books &/or Work-packs to be done this week.  Pupils can also do some online work on the websites below.

Useful Websites for you and your child and use the code IRLTWINKLHELPS. Twinkl are providing free resources for a month for parents to use at home.

Twinkl have also prepared work packs for the upcoming week for all classes. They can be accessed here:- Excellent Maths site with Free Trial Available Excellent Literacy Site



Homework during School Closure