We recognise how important it is to have parents involved in our school.  All our teachers are committed to this.  We also have a full-time Home/School Liaison teacher, Rachel Clarke.  Rachel works with and supports parents and offers guidance when necessary.  There is a parent’s room in the school, where you can chat to Rachel and read the notice boards.

We will keep you informed of various activities and courses that are on offer to parents - look out for the posters on the Home School notice boards at Reception and here on our website.  Child minding facilities are available for parents who attend our courses.

Children love to see their parents involved in the school and it is a great way to get to know the teachers, and other parents.  We often have activities in the classrooms, where we ask parents to come in for a few lessons, just to play games etc.  Please ask Rachel if you would like to volunteer.  Her office is just beside the Reception.

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