Paw Patrol visits the school

On Thursday, June 13th, the junior classes had a surprise visitor to the school. It was ‘Chase’ from Paw Patrol. Chase is a German shepherd who serves as a police and spy dog in Paw Patrol. He is the most mature of the dogs, and will always announce “PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!” when the PAW Patrol is called on a mission. Our pupils in Infants, first and second were delighted to get a visit from Chase.

See the photos below:


Standardised Testing

Testing for all pupils takes place during the month of May. Please ensure that children are well rested for the testing which will be ongoing in the junior school from the 8th May and begins in the senior school from Tuesday 14th May onwards. As we have been selected by the Department of Education & Skills to take part in further field research to improve standards in testing, our 2nd and 6th class pupils will be undertaking a second set of tests this year, good luck to all!!

Senior Infants News – Ms. Nulty

Ms. Nulty’s class have been busy with an inquiry-based learning project. The children spent two weeks investigating and finding out the different things that mini-beasts need to grow and stay healthy. The children explored investigative equipment then used this equipment to observe bugs and insects in both the school garden and Stanaway Park. The children found out that our school garden is full of lady birds which must be kept safe. They then decided to make bug-hotels for the ladybirds and different mini-beasts in the school garden that may be in danger of getting stood on, thrown and killed. At the end of the project, the children made posters in groups to inform other classes how we can keep the ladybirds in our school garden safe. As this project was inquiry-based, the children found out all of the information all by themselves, without the help of Ms. Nulty. All the children had great fun!
Mini-Beasts Gallery

Wizz Kids – Junior/Senior Infants

Ms Nulty and Ms. O Donovan are starting a Wizz Kids after school club. Wizz Kids will run on Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30

We aim to:

  • promote learning through fun
  • work on phonics through play
  • learn mathematical concepts through play

Wizz Kids will help the children revise elements of literacy and numeracy that is being taught in school. Learning will be play-based through hands on activities, group work and songs.

We will be trialing Wizz Kids for 4 weeks before Christmas.

Dates: Tuesday 27th November, 4th December, 11th December and 18th December.

Costs: €20 for four weeks(€5 per week). Money should be paid in advance to Ms Nulty or Ms Donovan by Thursday 22nd of November. First Come First Served.

Audience: Junior and Senior Infants.

Art – Senior Infants – Ms Connolly

Art – Senior Infants – Ms Nulty