The Education Act 1998 sets out the responsibilities of boards of management in primary schools

The current Board of Management has both long serving and new members, ensuring continuity and renewal and is also gender balanced. Regular contact is maintained with the school trustees. Training is offered to all new board members.

The Board meets regularly and fulfils its duties conscientiously and professionally. The Board ensures that:

  • all school policies have been drafted and ratified.
  • that school facilities are maintained and improved.
  • that the Board’s financial and employer obligations have been carried out diligently.

Function of the Board

The Board has the following general responsibilities:

  • Supporting the ethos of the school and being accountable to the Patron and the Minister for Education & Skills.
  • Promoting the general welfare and progress of the school
  • Financial administration of the school.
  • Selection and appointment of staff.
  • Dealing with official correspondence relevant to the Board.

Term of Office

The 4-year term of office for boards of management of all primary schools started on the 1 December 2019.

The current Board of Management that governs our school, is made up as follows:

    • Chairperson:                                    John Mooney
    • Secretary:                                          Adrienne Ní Cheallaigh (School Principal)
    • Patron’s nominee:                         Fr. Tom
    • Parents’ Representatives:         Marite Taurina and Gary O’Connell
    • Teachers ’ Representatives:      Caoimhe McCarrick
    • Community Representative:    Aisling Keogh