Friday, 20th March, 2020.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

To put everything into perspective, schools closed all over Ireland at the end of the school day on Thursday, 12th March. To date, we have missed, an unexpected, 6 days of school, (including the scheduled two days holiday for St. Patrick’s Day). Before the closure, teachers put two weeks of homework together for all pupils which will last them up until next Friday, 27th March. Instructions for this homework can be found on the school website under the following link

We are due back to school on Monday, 30th March until Friday 3rd April. Realistically, we all acknowledge that this is most likely not going to happen. Teachers are now preparing extra work and guidance for parents/pupils for that week which will be available on Monday, 30th March.

Following this, we will be on Easter break for two weeks. Due to return on Monday, 20th April. No one is sure if this will happen either. From this date until the end of term, on Friday, 26th June, is 11 weeks. This is a very daunting prospect for parents. And if it comes to pass that schools do not reopen during this time, please be assured that we will do everything we can to help, support and assist parents. Teachers have now been set up with new email addresses so that they may set work for pupils each Monday. Pupils will be given 4 days of homework and parents may email teachers with any questions or concerns from Monday to Friday inclusive. Parents can email the school email address at any time. They can also ring or text/email our Home/School Liaison Teacher, Rachel Clarke from 8.50 to 3pm Monday to Friday Tel: 085-2105629 Email:

We are all in an unprecedented situation and it is a very difficult time for parents. I will keep in touch and update you as soon as I receive any correspondence from the Department of Education and Skills. Please continue to log in to our school website for information, updates and blogs. You can email us at with any queries or concerns.

I hope you all stay safe and well. Please try not to worry about the weeks of in-school work the children are missing out on. We will work to counteract the shortfall.

Everybody’s home situation is different, you are not expected to become the teacher for your child. Encouraging older children to read books, reading to younger children or listening to your child reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do for them during this difficult time. Encouraging them to learn their tables by rote (rhyming them off out loud) will also help them tremendously. For younger children, colouring in, free writing on pages or copies, playing board games, dance videos from you tube etc, will all help them remain independent learners during this time. There are also endless online resources that will help as well.

We are setting up a Parents’ page on our website with links to free resources for you to access. Remember, a small amount of structured activity, with advice from the class teachers, is all you will need to ensure that your child continues to engage with learning each day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions or concerns, I will keep in touch and give updates as often as possible. The pupils at Scoil Una Naofa are resilient, cheerful and respectful and have a great sense of humour. I enjoy meeting them everyday. I look forward to seeing them again very soon continuing their education and their life journeys at school.

We are also attaching some updated information from the Department of Education.

I hope to see you all again as soon as possible,

Take care and see you soon,

Beir bua,

Adrienne Ní Cheallaigh,

Update 20/03/2020